VoiceAnnounce® Communicator for Skype™


Use Skype all around the home and office!

VoiceAnnounce® Communicator for Skype is a new application for Microsoft Windows that takes Skype calling to the next level and makes it convenient to use Skype all the time!

It's the perfect way to use Skype when you're away from the desktop, and it makes Skype accessible when using a cordless or Bluetooth headset!

Here's how it works:

When a Skype call comes in, VoiceAnnounce® Communicator for Skype™ announces the caller's identity over the computer's speakers. Users can record custom announcements associated with their Skype contacts, or just let the software's built-in text-to-speech engine announce the contact names automatically. The software further improves mobility by announcing the caller's identity through a user's wireless headset or Skype telephone.

The software package also includes speaker-independant speech recognition and listens for commands such as "answer" and "hang-up", providing a voice command interface to Skype's telephony functions as well as the Skype contact list.

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System Requirements: Installation Instructions are included in the email. More detailed instructions for installation and configuring your sound card are available.